1British ComediesGuess the British (and maybe Irish) TV Comedy Programmes from the screenshots.
2Dog BreedsName the breed of dog shown in the pictures.
3The Premiership 2003/2004Name the English Premiership footballers (soccer players for those who can't tell their hands from their feet) and managers from these action shots.
4TV CrimeDeduce the British and American TV Crime Programmes from the screenshots.
5Computer and Console TimelineFrom the picture and the year it was unleashed on the public guess the machine. Get ready for some serious technical nostalgia. Some of these are rock hard.....
6Comic Book CharactersName as many of these comic book characters from their pictures. Be warned, you need to be pretty well up on your comics to do well on this one.
7Company LogosEach picture is a company logo, or part of a company logo. There should be just enough visible to make each uniquely identifiable.
8Flags of the WorldCouldn't be simpler. Identify the country from it's flag.
9Computer CharactersName these well-known computer game characters and the games that they FIRST appeared in. Occasionally the two answers are the same of course, and occasionally the characters are better known for more recent games.
10Where were you in..... 1998?What were you doing in this particular year, or more importantly what can you remember about the events of the year?